Concor Tablet

Concor tablet contains Bisoprolol which is used to treat high blood pressure and can be taken by adults aged 18 and above. The alternative brands of Concor tablet available in Indian market are Corbis, Biselect, Zabesta, Bisoheart, Bisolong, Bisosafe, Bisorder, Bisonext, Besicor, Qualis and Bisokem.


Concor is used to treat high blood pressure and prevent future heart failure. It is also prescribed in patient with chest pain due to angina and irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation).

Side Effets

The common side effects of Concor includes feeling dizzy or weak, Headache, cold hands or feet, diarrhoea and constipation. These side effects are generally mild and brief.

Rare and serious side effects of Concor are irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, chest pain and swollen legs or ankles.

Concor rarely shows any side effects by majority of patient if they stick with daily recommended dose. However if any of these unlikely events happens then tell your doctor right away.


Some patient feels dizzy after taking their very first dose of Concor, so it is advised to take it at bed time. However, the best time of taking Concor is in the morning, so start taking Concor in the morning when you don’t feel dizzy.

Concor is not suitable for everyone. Tell your doctor before starting Concor if you have previous history of asthma, allergic reaction with Concor, slow heart rate or severe blood circulation problem.

Do not suddenly stop taking this medicine or change the dose of this medicine without consulting your doctor. Stopping Concor can lead to sudden rise in blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack.

Inform your doctor or dentist that you are taking Concor before having surgery.

Is Concor safe during pregnancy?

It is generally not advicable to take Concor during pregnancy or when you are trying to get pregnant.

There may other blood pressure lowering medicine which will be suitable for you. Talk to your doctor regarding possible risk and benefit of taking Concor.

Is Concor safe while breastfeeding?

There is very less information regarding safety of Concor during breastfeeding. Some amounts of Concor might get into breastmilk and may lower the blood pressure of your baby.

Talk to your doctor as there may be other blood pressure lowering medicine might be suitable during breastfeeding.

Is Concor good for high blood pressure?

Concor tablet is manufactured by a reputed pharmaceutical company called Merck Ltd. It gives you flexibility of taking it with or without meal. It is generally well tolerated by majority of the patients and it is a very good medicine in controlling your high blood pressure.

However, Concor might not suitable for all patient. Your doctor might prescribe you a different medication depending on your condition and you should respect your doctor decision on your medication.

Can Concor cause erectile dysfunction?

A clinical trail was done in Netherland to see the effects of Bisoprolol which is present in Concor on sexuality of men with high blood pressure.

Bisoprolol was found to be an effective antihypertensive medicine with no sexual side effect. You can read more about this clinical train here: NCBI.